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A soft, simple and authentic universe. Little treasures to brighten up every day. All our products are handmade.

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Concept store, lifestyle, an eclectic mix. Baskets, cosmetics, photos, paintings, beachwear, decoration, jewellery, candles….

Each product is selected and chosen with care and love.

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An eclectic mix of handmade Mediterranean products, everything I love and that makes life lighter.

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« fresh handmade cosmetics » only made with natural ingredients, Myriam makes all her products on the island of Rhodes in Greece, using only natural ingredients.

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A unique and modern touch with this beautiful handmade jewellery by 2 Greek designers.

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A selection that is particularly dear to my heart, because these works are unique, made by my father, Alain Lequesne painter and my dear friend Chris Watts talented photographer. A tribute to the creativity of these 2 magnificent artists who left us recently.

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Sous un Palmier - Accueil a-propos

About us

Sous un palmier was born from a passion for the world of art, decoration and craftsmanship in particular. Each object has been chosen with care and love, privileging the “handmade”, the small quantities and the direct relations with the creators. A step towards a more gentle, simple and authentic life.

Pop-up store

Pop up store, where you can meet, exchange and buy a selection of my products.


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